Grand Army Plaza     


 Acrylic/canvas  36x48” 1998   


 At the intersection of Prospect Park West, Flatbush Avenue, and Eastern Parkway stands the magnificent Soldiers' and Sailors Memorial Arch, in the center of Grand Army Plaza, facing  the entrance to Prospect Park. The arch, a monument to the soldiers and sailors who fought to preserve the Union during the Civil War is surmounted by a bronze quadriga, the central female figure carrying a banner and sword, and accompanied by two winged figures of Victory. In a terraced oval fronting the arch is Bailey Fountain with its  sculptured male and female figures representing Wisdom and Felicity.  Adjacent to the Plaza is the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. This striking beaux art building faced with Indiana limestone, opened  on February 1, 1941, resembles  an open book its spine on Grand Army Plaza and the building’s two wings opening like pages onto Eastern Parkway and Flatbush Avenue.



Collection: Brooklyn Public Library